Food. Moonshine. Life.

Moonshine, moonshine, moonshine. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ mason jar of moonshine? This girl does when it’s been crafted into multiple unique cocktails! J had one night off to pack his gear and make his way to the next training camp so we took advantage of our one night together and boy was it worth it. If you’re a self proclaimed queso connoisseur such as myself, then you do not want to pass up MASH’D. There are three locations; one in Ft.Worth, Frisco and San Antonio. The concept of this restaurant is unique and fun and completely relaxing. Be sure to make a reservation or you’ll be waiting a while for a table.


We were seated at a four top picnic table and started our evening off with a round of Serious Queso and cocktails…well, I had a cocktail (Berry Good Lemonade), Mr. Man had a beer. I do give them props for having not one, but two happy hours.

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When checking out this restaurant online, I saw a picture of their Turkey Burger that looked to die for, but ultimately, I chose the Babyback Rib Sandwich (with moonshine BBQ sauce) and J ordered the Rebellious Burger.

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In lieu of dessert, we shared a moonshine flight consisting of four moonshine flavors of our choice. Believe me, there were plenty to choose from. We were finally able to narrow it down to the Firefly White Lightning, Midnight Moon Blackberry, South House Cherry Limeade and the American Born Dixie Tea. They did not disappoint! I do apologize because I was so eager to dive in that I forgot to take pictures BEFORE we drank three of the four flavors. Oopsie! 


Our favorite was the Cherry Limeade then the Dixie Tea then the Blackberry and our least favorite was the White Lightning. If you’re a hardcore moonshine drinker then the White Lightning is the one for you!

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*Please excuse the fuzzy photo and poor lighting. 












My husband is deployed. There it is. Plain and simple. Black and white. The undeniable truth. For two years, I’ve grown accustomed to having a man around to do the dirty work, and not just any man, my man. Now, I’ve been left to my own devices. I’ll have to learn to fix the leak in the sink, unclog the hair from the shower drain, and dare I say it….mow the lawn. As my first time with a deployment, this next year is going to be an experience….learning? growing? lousy? Time will tell. Whatever the circumstances, I plan to “bloom where I’m planted”.